Our intentions with this website is to present our dogs to fellow dogdom friends, acquaintances and anyone else that wants to take a peek. The site is meant to be a source of basic information about our dogs as well as a notice board about what we're up to and a space to put up photographs. It is also an excuse for the alpha bitch in the family to get back in geeking around with code and web design and knock off some of the years of accumulated rust.

We are not a kennel in the traditional sense of the word. Not in any sense of the word actually. We do not breed, do not plan to breed and do not see that changing in the foreseeable future. Read: we may add another female dog to the family 'when pigs fly'. With the rapid progress of genetical science who knows what tomorrow will bring, the flying pigs part might actually be a possibility some day.

Although we have not earned the label 'kennel' we needed a header for this webpage and we felt that there is a name - a team name if not a kennel name - which does a pretty good job of describing our dogs - and what we enjoy in our dogs - in just one word.


161118 - 5 years later
w00t finished his ATCH IV, Yay his ATCH III and 18 month old newbie Qi got his novice agility titles at his very first trial.
Qi was entered in open to not steal thunder from true newbies, and needs 3 more Qs to finish his 3 open agility titles.
HIT veteran, elite and open dog respectively.
Go team!